The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

Welcome to Romford District Scouts Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme page.

The DofE Scheme is open to all members of Romford District Explorer Scouts and Romford Network, starting with the Bronze Award through to the Gold Award. These Awards coincide with the Chief Scout Awards that can also be attained in the Explorer & Network Sections (Platinum, Diamond and King’s Scout Award)

The DofE Awards aim to develop our Young People through personal challenges. These are met by completing volunteering, physical and skill sections over periods of time of varying length at each Award level. (The Gold Award incorporates an additional residential experience).

The Scheme operates throughout the year through drop-in sessions, monitoring progress via the online eDofE system, and of course undertaking practise and qualifying walking expeditions – usually between March and October.

How old do you need to be?

Bronze – for those aged 14+ years

Silver – for those aged 15+ years

Gold – for those aged 16+ years

If you aren’t 14 yet but are in the school year in which your peer group turn fourteen, you may be able to start a Bronze DofE programme

Similarly, if you aren’t 15 yet, but are in the school year in which your peer group turn fifteen, you may be able to start a Silver DofE programme

Timescales to complete each level vary depending on the level itself and whether or not you have completed previous levels. Please click Here for more information.

How much does it cost?

Each participant will be required to sign up to each level as they start it, the sign up fee for Bronze & Silver is £29.50 & Gold is £37.50 (Including admin costs).

Please Note: The above fee does not cover the cost of expeditions.

Each expedition that takes place will also require a fee to cover fuel, camp fees, wear & tear etc. Expedition prices vary depending on the level (due to the varying number of days) and the location. Below is a guide to the price range for each expedition:

Bronze – £15 to £25

Silver – £30 to £50

Gold – £90 to £120

Payment information is provided at the bottom of each form that you complete, whether it be signing up to a level or signing up to an expedition. Please remember to include the “DofE” reference provided on each form.

Please use the link below to sign up for the DofE Scheme. Should you have any further questions regarding the DofE Scheme, please email

Sign up to the Romford DofE scheme Here

Dates for the Diary:

Below is a list of planned DofE expedition weekends, please note that you will be required to attend route planning and kit checks on the two (three for Gold) Tuesdays leading up to the Expedition.

2024 Expedition Dates – 


Bronze Training – 27th to 28th Apr – Click Here To Sign Up

Bronze Qualifying – 27th to 28th Apr – Click Here To Sign Up

Silver Practise & Qualifying – 4th to 6th May – Click Here To Sign Up

Gold Practise & Qualifying – 29th March to 2nd April – Click Here To Sign Up


Bronze Training – 28th to 29th September – Sign Up Not Open Yet

Bronze Qualifying – 28th to 29th September – Sign Up Not Open Yet

Silver Practise & Qualifying – 26th to 28th October – Sign Up Not Open Yet


Useful Links:
eDofE Website – Participant Login
DofE – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Hompage
DofE – Assessor’s Report
British Red Cross First Aid App

Expedition Downloads:
Expedition Route Card Bronze & Silver
Expedition Route Card Gold
Romford Kit List
DofE Expedition Kit Guide

Training Downloads:
Romford Training Weekend Kit List
Award Timescales
20 Conditions of the Expedition
Expedition Route Card Sample
Eating on a DofE Expedition
DofE Expedition Foods
Make a Menu Trump Cards
Expedition Menu Planner
The Countryside Code
Ideas for Expedition Aims
Map reading made easy
Map Symbols
11 Fun Expedition Aims
How to pack your rucksack
Waterproofing and weather protection
Stove safety instructions
Looking after your health on an expedition
Planning for your period on an expedition
How to look after your feet on an expedition
Expedition Safety Card
Who to call in an emergency
Text 999
Ticks and Lyme Disease

Activity Ideas:
Residential (Gold Only)

Activity Logs (PDF Format):

Editable Activity Logs (PowerPoint Format):



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